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I was brought up ‘working class’. There was never a lot of money to go around but there was always plenty of love, fun and a set of strong values.  Those strong values have stayed with me for life; they have, at times, been my downfall but overall they have ensured that I have very few sleepless nights!

I left full time education early, partly because I  found school boring - who needs it when you have a vision of becoming a rock star anyway? - and partly because it was highly unlikely that I would ever reach the heights of academia.

The Civil Service, my stop gap occupation on leaving school, became my career for life. I started at the lowest possible level and in  a career spanning 41 years, I worked my way up to the dizzy heights of Grade 7 senior manager (before opting for voluntary early redundancy recently).

I had a heart attack on 9 January 2012 (while in work) followed by a 4 x CABG (quadruple bypass) on 25 January.  I fully intend to resume work and am working hard to get myself fully fit….in the meantime I’m enjoying the R&R!

I have a passion for people and what they can achieve if they put there mind to overcoming obstacles. I strongly believe that we can all achieve ‘more’ whether that be in our work or personal life. Whilst we all have moments of self doubt, frustration or even despair it is so important that we stay positive and ‘get up to fight again’ .

I enjoy music, theatre and film and provide sound & light for a small amateur dramatics group that raises money for good causes. I also like travel, going out walking in the country and photography.  Nowadays, since my heart surgery, I  see the world about me from a completely different and wonderful angle! )….