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A warm welcome to …….  

You can expect quite a few changes to this site over the coming weeks and months. A Blog’ has now been attached and I plan to make things more interactive….Whilst I will be posting articles on my hobbies and passions (and hope that you will be interested/contribute), I also plan to raise a few topics that concern me and seek your views……in some cases it will be my way of letting off steam (and trying to find out, as Terry Wogan would say “is it me”)  but sometimes it will be something I feel so strongly about, I  will be wanting to ‘go public’ with my views.

So, it won’t all be doom & gloom or ‘political’ views, far from it.

I would be pleased if you would visit my blog by hitting the ‘Blog’ link in the menu at the top of this page …oh and please feel free to suggest subjects you think would be worthy of a debate (or even a poll!)_